Welcome to The Shepherd’s Crook

Enjoy our fine cellar and kitchen in the idyllic Oxfordshire Countryside

The Shepherd's Crook is a traditional British Free House set in a beautiful Oxfordshire country village. Not being tied to any single pub chain means that we can offer a wide selection of the finest Beers, Ales, Wines and Spirits including locally brewed and independent products that you’re less likely to find elsewhere and, of course, we also stock the national brands you know and love.

We’re just as serious about the contents of our kitchen too, where ever possible we use fresh locally sourced meat and produce to give you the finest flavours so that you can enjoy our full and varied menu knowing that you are supporting local agriculture and reduced long distance food haulage.

Whether you choose to enjoy our wares inside the traditional village pub or on the wide terrace so as to view the local Red Kite, you’re assured a warm welcome and staff that will do all they can to make your visit perfect




The Shepherd’s Crook